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New "cybersecurity" bill may be worse than SOPA

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One way or another, Congress is eager to get their hands on your private emails and do whatever they want with that information. What is even worse is that there's no interest in preserving privacy or providing any oversight in case data is mishandled. There is no reason why the NSA or DOD should have unlimited access to everyone's private email, as is the case with this new proposed legislation.

Click through to the TechDirt article about the lousy legislation that is receiving healthy support in Congress and what you can do about it. Much like the SOPA struggle, people need to speak out before it's too late.

While most folks are looking elsewhere, it appears that Congress is trying to see if it can sneak an absolutely awful "cybersecurity" bill through Congress. We've discussed how there's been some fighting on the Senate side concerning which cybersecurity bill to support, but there's a similar battle going on in the House, and it appears that the Rogers-Ruppersberger bill, known as CISPA (for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) or HR 3523 is winning out, with a planned attempt to move it through Congress later this month. The bill is awful -- and yet has somehow already gained over 100 sponsors. In an attempt to pretend that this isn't a "SOPA-like" problem, the supporters of this bill are highlighting the fact that Facebook, Microsoft and TechAmerica are supporting this bill.

However, this is a terrible bill for a variety of reasons. Even if we accept the mantra that new cybersecurity laws are needed (despite a near total lack of evidence to support this -- and, no, fearmongering about planes falling from the sky doesn't count), this bill has serious problems.

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