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Job market improving for college grads this year

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This has to be a relief for many soon-to-be graduates and their parents. Even better than the higher volume of jobs is the news that the pay is up as well. It's still a tough market and there are some painfully high school loans to be paid, but how can you not like this if you're about to join the working world?

Employers expect to hire 10 percent more college graduates from the Class of 2012 than they did from last year's crop of grads, according to a study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

This marks the second consecutive year that employers have increased their hiring expectations from their initial outlook in the fall.

"Although employers haven’t revised their earlier projections significantly (up 0.5 percent), this upward movement along with other positive economic indicators show that the job market for new college graduates is improving steadily," said Marilyn Mackes, the executive director of the NACE.

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