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Is it fair for activists to protest outside bank exec’s house?

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While it can't be pleasant for the executives or their families, it's no more pleasant for everyone who has been run over by the corporate giants. In another age, it does seem like it would be going too far but when money is so overpowering and controlling in politics, there aren't many great options for regular people to be heard. The playing field has not be this unbalanced in decades and something needs to change.

Neighbors are upset calling this unethical, but that has hardly been a one way street. Ruining the lives of millions of families was also a considerably unethical. Fair or too far?

Locally, the group targeted the far-less-known Wells Fargo board member Enrique Hernandez.

"The only way we can normally get up here is to do domestic work for them," said Peggy Mears, an ACCE community organizer, as she stood outside Hernandez's gated driveway Tuesday on a stately street in Pasadena. "Now we're going to name you and shame you."

About two dozen demonstrators wearing bright yellow ACCE T-shirts gathered outside Hernandez's home, barely visible behind a tall brick wall and high shrubbery. The group gave speeches and chanted: "Hey, Wells Fargo, you can't hide. We see your greedy side."

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