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House Tea-partyers want to let student loan payments double

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Greg Sargent at the Post:

Is the battle over student loans shaping up as a rerun of the payroll tax cut fight, which by all accounts badly damaged the GOP? Consider the parallels. Just as in the payroll tax cut battle, there’s a looming deadline: On July 1st, interest rates on federally funded student loans is set to double. Barack Obama and Democrats, confident that the politics are on their side, are signaling that they intend to remain on offense on the issue.
Meanwhile, House conservatives — just as during the payroll battle — are beginning to signal that they oppose the extension, period, full stop. Check out this quote from GOP Rep. Todd Akin, who is running in a GOP primary for the right to take on Dem Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri.
Akin said the government should be out of the student loan market altogether. “America has got the equivalent of the stage three cancer of socialism because the federal government is tampering in all kinds of stuff it has no business tampering in,” he said.
You know who else wanted kids to go to college? Hitler.

Kidding. But only just.

This is sadly typical of the radical fringe running today's Republican party.  Every thing they don't like is socialism (which, to their simple minds means, of course, Soviet communism).  And everything they do like is Reaganism (even if Reagan, but today's GOP standards, would be a socialist).

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