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EU proposes two years in jail for hackers. And what about those banksters?

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Still waiting on the legislation that details jail terms for destroying the global economy. Surely the EU isn't condoning destructive behavior by bankers right? While nobody is condoning the bad hackers, it's odd to only target that community rather than the much costlier white collar bankers who have barely missed a beat since bringing down the economy. SC Magazine:

Once announced, it was approved by 50 votes in favour, one against and three abstentions; illegal access, interference or interception of data would be treated as a criminal offence.

In terms of punishment, the maximum penalty to be imposed by a member state for such offences would be at least two years' imprisonment, and at least five years where there are aggravating circumstances such as the use of a tool specifically designed for large-scale (such as botnet) attacks, or for attacks that cause considerable damage (by disrupting system service), financial costs or loss of financial data.

Also, using another person's electronic identity, for example by spoofing their IP address to commit an attack and cause prejudice to the rightful identity owner, would also be an aggravating circumstance. MEPs say that member states must set a maximum penalty for this of at least three years in jail.

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