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DOJ eyes Apple for price fixing of e-books

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No, no, no. The price of books (or music or video) just happens to all be the same because like minds think alike. Everyone knows that Apple loves consumers so would never, ever do anything to mistreat them or anyone else.

The Justice Department is investigating whether deals Apple cut two years ago with the quintet of major publishers - when the consumer electronics maker launched its iPad tablet computer - were done with the intent of propping up prices for digital books, sources have said.

As part of those agreements, publishers shifted to a model that allowed them to set the price of e-books and give Apple a 30 percent cut of sales, the sources have said.

Talks between the Justice Department and some publishers had been proceeding, with settlements expected as soon as this week, one of the two sources familiar with the matter said on condition of anonymity, because the discussions were not public.

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