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Apple exec slams Instagram for"jumping the shark"

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It wouldn't be Apple if they weren't crying about another vendor who didn't want to be locked into the control freak Apple environment. Apple is always happy to have customers locked into their annoying environment but for consumers, who wants that? Why is it so offensive to have choices as a customer? Wahhhhhh, competition is horrible.

And not only is Schiller trashing the service (in the odd form of a message to a 9to5Mac reader), he has also deleted his Instagram account (@schiller) entirely (much like some thousands of other users.)

What got Schiller so upset? Not the billion-dollar acquisition by Facebook, apparently. "It 'jumped the shark' when it went to Android," was all the Apple executive wrote to the curious reader Thursday.

Instagram launched its Android version earlier this month. In the first five days, the Android app saw five million users sign up. That's not huge compared to the 30 million iPhone users, but the rate of growth was stunning -- and strongly contributed to Mark Zuckerberg's decision to offer Kevin Systrom $1 billion for the app.

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