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White House accuses GOP of trying to "vilify" green energy

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It's good to see the White House hitting back.  Though, like everyone else, I'd like to see this continue after the President gets re-elected, and that isn't a given. From the Hill:

Senior White House adviser David Plouffe defended President Obama’s embattled energy policies Sunday by calling GOP attacks on alternative energy sources “dangerous.”

“Sadly . . . this used to be a very bipartisan idea, sadly, the Republicans running for president, many Republicans here in Washington, kind of vilify this, almost mock it, and it is only going to determine our future. It is a very dangerous thing,” he said on Fox News Sunday.
It's difficult to win on an issue after you appear to have given up on it.  The environment is yet another issue that the left let the Republicans roll them on.  How in God's name did the GOP win on global warming, for example?  And they are winning.  They're winning because they lie, but also because our guys don't fight back adequately.  When's the last time you've heard anything from an environmental group?  I can count the crickets.  Remember when polar bears were drowning?  I remember begging environmental groups to jump on that issue - again, crickets.

There's no excuse for letting the GOP get the upper-hand on these issues.  But the organized left, the folks who get all the advocacy money in this town, tend to, on average, be rather lousy at their jobs.

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