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When the Super Tuesday polls close tonight

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7pm ET
GA - Gingrich wins
VT - Romney wins
VA - Romney wins (he was only running against Ron Paul)

730pm ET
OH - Too close to call

8pm ET
TN - Santorum expected to win. This was not entirely expected
OK - too early, Santorum ahead
MA - Romney expected to win

10pm ET

11pm ET


Huff Post's Mark Blumenthal tells us what to look out for:

"With all eyes focused on the closest Super Tuesday Republican primaries, such as those in Ohio and Tennessee, the most critical states for the all-important race for delegates may instead be Virginia, Massachusetts and Idaho -- states that receive relatively little attention but could provide Mitt Romney with a huge boost in convention delegates. Although much of the news coverage has focused until now on the symbolic importance of victories in early primary and caucus states, the Republican nomination battle now becomes mostly a fight to win the 1,144 convention delegates necessary to secure the Republican nomination."

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