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Video: Nancy Pelosi's daughter visits Mississippi

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Bill Maher showed the video, it's done by Nancy Pelosi's daughter Alexandra. She swears this was a representative sampling of random people she went up to an interviewed. Maher also makes clear that Pelosi told him she didn't put the guy without the teeth in the video on purpose - she had a ton of people who had missing teeth, and most of them she didn't include.

I kind of wish they hadn't put the funny Dixie music in the background, because the video is rather sad than funny. And that man talking about losing the Civil War. I've also witnessed that kind of talk from intelligent normal southern friends. The war was 150 years ago. The fact that people still have a hang up about is just weird. You don't hear Germans lamenting losing their war(s), and they "only" lost half the time ago that the South did.

Republicans, and conservative southerners, like to blame the rest of us for "dividing" the country. I listen to these folks, and I hear more than enough division and derision coming out of them for a lifetime.

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