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Video: A gazillion Simpsons episodes at once

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This video is oddly mesmerizing. Perhaps it's the day I've had. It started with Sasha waking me up after 7 hours of sleep - not a good thing any day, but worse on a Saturday. Then the neighbors texted, their sink was clogged and they needed to wash the baby's bottles, so I said, sure come on over. It's always nice hanging out with the neighbors. Unless of course your front door bolt gets stuck and then you get to really hang out with the neighbors. Well, neighbor singular. Her hubby was stuck 3 doors down with the baby and the dog, waiting for the plumber to show up, while we waiting for the emergency locksmith to show up. The locksmith was great, Pop-a-Lock here in the DC area. Great guy, Paul, and didn't charge me a lot. So after a few hours, neighbor and I were freed, just as their kitchen drain was freeing up as well.

Then the smoke detector battery alarm went off, and we have 12 foot ceilings in this building... Doh!

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