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UK economy fell more than previously reported last year

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There's a cost to austerity that those on the right don't like talking about. It's not a magic cure all and it almost always means even more pain for the working public. The GOP in the US loves talking about the need to cut government spending but fail to discuss the severe impact it has on everyone. If money is no object and you're part of the 1% it may sound wonderful if you don't care about the 99% and the broader social implications.

So remind me again which side of the political spectrum is all about dividing rather than uniting? The Guardian:

Britain's economy was even weaker than expected at the end of last year, underlining the country's struggle to avoid another recession.

GDP fell 0.3% in the fourth quarter, more than the 0.2% drop previously estimated by the Office for National Statistics. The downgrade was mainly prompted by weakness in the country's dominant services sector.

Economists had not been expecting any change to the 0.2% fall, and the news that Britain's economy went into the new year in an even worse state will raise fears it could notch up a technical recession – defined as two consecutive quarters of contraction.

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