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Sydney Moon, sex-positive feminist

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An amazing surprise interview occurred on Sam Seder's Majority Report on Friday, when former Playboy model, actress and adult website owner Sydney Moon spontaneously called into his Internet show without invitation.

Seder responded perfectly and conducted an excellent interview. Listen for Moon's feminism and command of her subject. Also her playful nature. Now connect that with the "slut" discussion going on in the media today.

This is a delight. Enjoy:

The discussion about "sex-positive feminism" vs. something else has been going on since the birth of feminism. I've been in a number of those discussions myself. In my opinion, one of the keys to real feminism is to avoid the male-controlling trap — that women have to be "protected" or prevented from having or enjoying sex. Whatever rights men have, women also have, period.

If you want to read real feminists, read people like Amanda Marcotte. Folks like her and Ms. Moon are not uncommon. But those views still aren't well received. Real female sexuality scares so many people, it seems.

Puritans — will we ever be finally free of them?


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