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Please help us elect Trevor Thomas to the US Congress

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Today is the deadline for first quarter contributions for federal candidates. Anyone who has given politically is getting deluged with requests for contributions. Here's one more, for our friend Trevor Thomas. Our AMERICAblog ActBlue page for Trev is here.

And, there's more info. below in our original post, but here's an excerpt from an article about Trevor's kick-off, earlier this month. He's running "the campaign for all of us," because he's one of us (and he's up against two self-funding millionaires):

Standing before a crowd of supporters Saturday night, Democrat Trevor Thomas formally declared his campaign for the 3rd District Congressional seat, sharing a promise he would stand strong for woman’s rights, veterans and working-class families.

“So many people have asked me, ‘Trevor, why are you running?’ and I say, ‘I never forgot where I came from,’” said Thomas, sharing the story of his parents, who both worked on the factory line at a General Motors diesel plant for several decades.

Thomas said he understands the struggles of everyday families and plans to run a grass-roots campaign that focuses on the same values Gerald Ford had when he once moved from Grand Rapids to Washington, D.C.
Anyone who knows Trevor -- John and I know him well -- know that he absolutely means what he says. So, if you can, please donate. Thanks.
We've written several posts about our good friend, Trevor Thomas, who is running for Congress in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Today we are joining with other LGBT and progressive bloggers to ask you to donate to Trevor's campaign via this link or the box below. We posted this at AMERICAblog Gay earlier today, too.

Trevor needs our help to make this happen. The first campaign filing deadline is Saturday, March 31. There will be a lot of attention paid to this first report. Big decisions are made about a candidate's so-called "viability." Let's make sure Trevor is viable financially. Suffice it say, Trevor conducted a poll before he got into the race that shows a path to victory. But, money matters -- too much -- but it matters.

Today, along with a large group of progressive and LGBT bloggers, we're raising funds for Trevor's campaign before the March 31 deadline.  Trevor is the real deal.  Please give whatever you can.

Goal ThermometerAlso helping Trevor today are:
Marcy Wheeler at EmptyWheel
- Chris Savage at EclectaBlog and Blogging for Michigan
- Pam Spaulding at Pam's House Blend
- Bil Browning at Bilerico Project
- Joe Jervis at Joe.My.God
- Jeremy Hooper at Good As You
Andy Towle, Towleroad
- Karen Ocamb at LGBT POV
Howie Klein,
Scott Wooledge, Daily Kos
David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement
That's quite an impressive line-up. Not sure there are many other first-time primary candidates who could pull that off.

And, Trevor really needs the help. See, he's running against a rich self-funding, conservative Democrat, Steve Pestka in the August 8th Democratic primary. Then, he'll face the incumbent, Justin Amash, a self-funding Tea-Party GOPer in the fall. Just what Congress needs, more anti-choice millionaires, right?

Unlike Pestka and Amash, Trevor isn't a millionaire. He comes from a working class family -- his mom and dad met on the factory lines of General Motors where they worked together for more than 30 years. And, if you have ever worked with Trevor, as John and I have, you know that he's one of the smartest, earnest and most committed people you'll ever meet.

Marcy Wheeler lives in Trevor's district. She's learned first hand that the institutional Democrats don't like people talking about Pestka's anti-choice record. And, I find it very disturbing that any Democrats would describe Trevor's work on behalf of LGBT issues, which includeds the repeal of DADT, "extreme." We're going to watch this race closely to make sure there isn't anti-gay code talk coming from the other campaign. Needless to say, that would be a very, very, very bad strategy to pursue.

As Trev often points out, the seat for which he is running was once held by President Jerry Ford, who believed in clean water, the Civil Rights Act, LGBT equality, and a woman's right to make her own personal health care decisions. And, while the District leans red, Trevor is going to hold true to his solidly progressive stances, which, of course, are the same views held by Gerald Ford.

Today, I got another email from the DCCC about the GOP's war on women. This time it was from DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz:
Since the year began, Republicans have waged some of the most extreme attacks against women’s health care I’ve seen in my lifetime.
Given the emphasis on women's health, you'd like to think that the DCCC is jumping on board with Trevor's campaign. His Democratic primary opponent, Steve Pestka, is anti-choice. But, the DCCC likes self-funders. The problem with conservative self-funders is that they don't generate enthusiasm among the base. The institutional Democrats look at candidates through a financial lens only. And, money matters, but it doesn't translate to excitement and enthusiasm.

So do what you can to help Trevor, please. I know there are a lot of requests for fundraising going on, but this is a chance to get a solid progressive into Congress. And, it's one of the only primary races, maybe the only one, that pits a pro-choice Democrat against an anti-choice Democrat.  Please give whatever you can -- even twenty-five dollars would be great.  Thanks so much.

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