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OECD: UK back in recession, will be slow to recover

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Another story line that may not make it into the GOP discussions. They're always keen to talk about the savings of austerity, but fail to discuss the real world negative impact that consistently occurs. Now the British public has fewer services and they're hampered by a sagging economy because the government strangled any chance to stimulate the economy. Brilliant.

Only Italy will struggle over a longer period to return to growth, highlighting the difficult situation confronting the British government as it battles to boost confidence and get the economy back on track.

In recent weeks surveys have shown the business and consumer sentiment falling back after an initial boost earlier this year.

The Office for National Statistics added to the gloomy prognosis for the economy on Wednesday when it reported a bigger fall in output in the final three months of 2011 than first estimated. It said a previous 0.2% drop in output had underestimated the size of the fall, which further analysis found to be 0.3%.

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