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Millennials have little interest in environment or politics

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This is a major problem, considering the size of the Millennial generation. In 2008 the Obama campaign did a reasonably good job reaching out to younger voters but then fell flat on their face with the same old politics that we've seen for decades. Failing to connect with this generation (or anyone who helped propel Obama to victory) could not have helped much either. Regardless of what complaints older generations have about the Millennials (some true, some false) they still need to be engaged and brought into the process.

They have a reputation for being environmentally minded do-gooders. But an academic analysis of surveys spanning more than 40 years has found that today's young Americans are less interested in the environment and in conserving resources — and often less civic-minded overall — than their elders were when they were young. The findings go against the widespread belief that environmental issues have hit home with today's young adults, known as Millennials, who have grown up amid climate change discussion and the mantra "reduce, reuse, recycle." The environment is often listed among top concerns of young voters. "I was shocked," said Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University who is one of the study's authors. "We have the perception that we're getting through to people. But at least compared to previous eras, we're not."

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