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Majority say fire Limbaugh, another station drops his show

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Wow.  I'm actually a bit surprised. And remember, any time we have a majority that means Democrats AND Independents are siding with us. And that's interesting.

More than half of those interviewed also say radio host Rush Limbaugh, who called a female law student testifying publicly in favor of birth-control coverage a “slut” and “prostitute,” should be fired based solely on those comments.
And this just in, a third station (this time in CA) has now dropped his show.
Official statement from Charlie and Trish Busch-G.M./Business Mgr.

“I regret to inform the fans of the Rush Limbaugh program that 1140 KVLI will no longer be airing his daily show.

Please believe this had nothing to do with recent events involving Mr. Limbaugh. The decision to cancel the program was made in December of last year for financial reasons only. A 90-day notice, as required by our contract, was given then.

The Rush Limbaugh program was the only daily show we carry that charged us a significant amount of money each month to air. Due to the current economic status in our market, certain operating cuts had to be made. Unfortunately, Rush was among those cuts. Attempts were made with his organization to “clear” the program at no cost, or at a reduced cost, but they were not willing to do so. I hope this sheds light on the situation.

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