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Larry Summers on short list for World Bank top job

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Obama has been making some efforts to win back the liberals that he has ignored for the last few years, but this move is really bad. Summers was one of the key architects of the the unregulated Wall Street that led to the 2008 crash. He was also one of the Obama economists who fought against a bigger stimulus plan. As in the stimulus that has carried the US economy the last few years. Even suggesting Summers is a bad idea so let's hope that Obama chooses someone else.

Former White House adviser Lawrence Summers, diplomat Susan Rice and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi are on a "short list" of possible U.S. candidates to head the World Bank, a person with knowledge of the Obama administration's thinking said on Wednesday. The source and a second person familiar with the administration's thinking said Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry was also on the list, although a Kerry spokeswoman said he had not been contacted and was not interested. The World Bank, whose mission is to fight global poverty, launched a search for its next chief after Robert Zoellick said he would step down when his term as president ended in June.
Summers is familiar with creating poverty thanks to his bad policies, but he knows nothing about combating the problem. Strike him from the list now.

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