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James Murdoch steps down from News Corp International

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As one person tweeted, this is really a demotion more than anything else. He is stepping down from his position in the UK office and transferring to the New York office. More than anything, this is PR spin by News Corp. since the investigations into News Corp businesses in the UK is going so poorly for News Corp. This is how the 1% handles discipline when you lie to Parliament about illegal behavior in your company. Rupert is a real "law and order" kind of guy, isn't he? BBC News:

James Murdoch has stepped down as executive chairman of News International, the UK newspaper business that owns the Sun and the Times titles. The newspaper publisher has been tainted by phone-hacking allegations. The scandal led the company to close its former News of the World title in July last year. Mr Murdoch will remain as deputy chief operating officer of parent group News Corporation.

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