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Is the Afghan murder story our My Lai Moment?

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UPDATE: Excellent comments below, including this by Bubs, who links us to Reuters. Note the uncertainty about the number of soldiers involved.

Here's a great Rachel Maddow segment on the murder rampage we wrote about earlier. There are so many angles to this story, and this segment is especially good on the politics of both the incident and the Afghan War itself.

But note, before you watch. I'm not a fan of the death penalty, so I don't want to specify the punishment. But what this man did is a war crime, an atrocity.

He is responsible for his actions, and our military is responsible for the conduct of its soldiers.

This may well be, therefore, a My Lai moment, both for those who prosecute this war (our government) and for public opinion. Please keep this in mind as you watch this great segment.

No one loves this stuff. Hopefully we can stop putting people (ours and theirs) into this horrible, indefensible position. Let us pray.


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