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The GOP 'War on the 20th Century'

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Lets recap, only two weeks ago, Rush Limbaugh though that Daryl Issa's War on Contraception was going so well that he decided to up the ante and turn it into a War on Women. His advertisers have deserted him and we will soon find out how many stations have pulled the trigger on the 90 day notice period his standard contract requires to drop him..

We have come to expect atrocities like the 'mechanical rape' ultrasound bill from states like Texas and Virginia. But now we have the Governor of Pennsylvania trying to get in on the act, telling women to 'just shut their eyes' if they don't want to see the pictures produced by his own mandatory rape law.

Just how far does the GOP want to wind the clock back, 1970s? 1960s? Just how old is the base that all these wars are intended to pander to?

Rick Santorum seems to be thinking 1930s would suit him fine and has launched a Comstock style War on Porn with the usual gang of hate groups (Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, etc). He is confident of success too, "Together we will prevail".

Is there any positive development of the 20th Century that the GOP has not declared war on yet?

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