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Etch A Sketch stock surges after Romney team gaffe

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Looks like Romney is doing something to help the economy, though maybe not exactly in the way he had hoped. Every time someone now mentions an Etch A Sketch, they're going to be reminded of his team's most recent comment about Romney's flip-flopping history.

Ohio Art Co. (OART) surged in trading after its Etch A Sketch drawing toy became a metaphor for Republican Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

The thinly traded toymaker more than doubled to $9.65 after three trades, totaling 800 shares, as of 1:22 p.m. New York time in the over-the-counter market. The shares earlier reached $12.50 for the biggest intraday rise since at least 1980, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Yesterday, Romney aide Eric Fehrnstrom was asked on CNN whether he was concerned that the candidate might be forced by Republican opponents to take extreme positions during the primary that could alienate moderates in a race against President Barack Obama.

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