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DNC reportedly resisting adding marriage equality (aka gay marriage) to Dem party platform

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This is really a fascinating issue.  Lord knows why, but somehow adding marriage equality (our phrase for letting gay couples get married too) to the Democratic party platform has become "the" hot topic in the gay community this political season. I say "somehow" not to disparage the effort, or the merit of it, but rather to suggest that it's not entirely clear how this issue, rather than, say, adding gays and trans people to an already existing executive order dealing with employment discrimination among federal contractors, rose to the top.  (Though perhaps it's because it's easier to say "marriage" than the latter.)

In any case, a growing number of Democrats are publicly calling for inclusion of a pro marriage equality plank in the Democratic party platform, including at least 22 Democratic Senators, which will only raise expectations in the gay community of such a plank being adopted in the fall.  If it is adopted, that puts the President in a bad spot eight weeks before his election, and if it's not adopted, that will supremely tick off the community, which now has growing expectations, and which now knows that if marriage equality doesn't end up in the platform, it means the Democrats killed it on purpose.  And that won't be a pretty sight - eight weeks before the election.

Either way, the President now has to deal with marriage equality eight weeks before the election because he chose not to "evolve" sooner (or rather, he devolved and now says he's re-evolving without much evolution to show for it (Barack Obama supported gay marriage in 1996, and only changed his mind in the last decade or so - he then told our own Joe Sudbay, in an interview back in October of 2010, over 500 days ago, that he was "evolving" on the issue)).

As I said, it's a fascinating issue, and this time it really has just bubbled up organically.

Joe has been warning for a while now that it was better for the President to come out for marriage sooner rather than later.  And it looks like he was right.  This is the last thing the President needs eight weeks before the election.  He should nip it in the bud now and just come out for marriage equality and be done with it.  The fun of watching twice divorced, thrice married, and multiple adulterer Newt Gingrich defend the sanctity of marriage(s) would be worth the price of admission alone.

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