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Contraception is a men's issue

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No, I am not being sarcastic. Contraception is a women's issue but it is not just an issue for women. Access to contraception directly affects men as well. Or straight men at any rate. Or did you forget that it takes a woman and a man to get pregnant and that unwanted pregnancies affect men as well as women. Opposing the Republican's new war on contraception is not just a matter of solidarity with the women, their latest culture war is an attack on all of us.

I am married and we have two children. We use contraception. That is 'we' not 'she'.

Most married couples use contraception. The alternative would be an explosion in the birth rate and a population crisis. Our biology is designed for an environment in less than one person in five survives lives a full reproductive lifespan. I refuse to believe in any omnipotent being who would seek the role of top-dominant in Santorum's masoerotic sex cult.

Which brings us to this story from WECT TV:

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – New Hanover County Commissioners voted not to accept a $9,000 grant to help pay for family planning at the Health Department.

During the Board's meeting on Monday afternoon, Commissioner Rick Catlin said people aren't using contraceptives responsibly. As the commission's representative on the board, he opposed accepting the money. Commissioners voted unanimously not to accept it.
Ok, the transparent misogyny behind these statements is directed at women rather than men. The Republican party is trapped in a Victorian time warp where all women (including wives) must be chaste virgins while men sate their carnal appetites with an unending stream of trollops, mistresses and oxycontin pills. But the contraception issue directly affects all of us who are straight or bi. The men who think that contraception is only something that the women need think of are being somewhat neanderthal themselves.

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