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The Cherry Blossoms are coming early this year

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Just an FYI to all those who care. Wash Post:

Washington’s centennial cherry blossom bloom will probably take place early this year and happen from March 22 through early April, a government expert announced Thursday.
And here's an interesting point I hadn't realized. I figured all the warm weather until now mattered.
“It really only matters as to what happens from now on,” he said. “All the warm weather before did not move the cherries along. But now, yes. Now is the time where, if it gets really, really warm, things could accelerate.”
It can be a bit of a zoo, the Cherry Blossom festival, but it really is pretty. If you're ever in DC during that time, it's worth the crowds to see. Of course, this town is one big walking allergy in spring (and summer, and fall, and winter), so be prepared.

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