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Axelrod: Limbaugh only gave a "quasi-apology"

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USA Today:

It doesn't sound like the Rush Limbaugh/birth control flap is going away any time soon.

President Obama's top political aide said this morning that Limbaugh made only a "quasi-apology" to the law student he called a "sl-t," and that his initial comments were "predicated on a lie."

"The lie was that somehow she was asking that taxpayers pay for contraception," Axelrod said on ABC's This Week. "The policy is that in basic insurance policies, contraception -- contraceptive services, birth control, should be included."

Axelrod added, "even in his sort of quasi-apology last night, Mr. Limbaugh continued that falsehood, and it needs to be challenged."
USA Today goes on to note that in Limbaugh's "apology" he says he "chose the wrong words." Yeah, one can only imagine what words Limbaugh intended to use.

It's fascinating that Limbaugh quasi-apologized at all. He doesn't do that. And the GOP has no ability to influence the man by pressure. Remember, it's Limbaugh who influences the GOP - every time a Republican has criticized him, he's forced THEM to apologize to HIM. So what's up? I think Limbaugh finally saw a real threat to his advertisers, a number of them walked over this scandal, and money talks with Rush. It is sad, however, that it took this long for his advertisers to wake up and smell the hate. And that several advertisers have continued to stick with the hate, the racism, the sexism.

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