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Austerity hits UK unemployment, again

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At what point will the Conservative government admit their strict austerity plan is failing? Unemployment is at a 13 year high and the cuts will only hurt the economy more as the year goes on.

The number of Britons claiming unemployment benefit rose more than forecast last month to the highest level since November 2009, official data showed. Meanwhile Britain's unemployment rate held at a 13-year high of 8.4 percent in the three months to January, and the youth unemployment rate rose to a record high, official data showed on Wednesday. The figures will increase the pressure on finance minister George Osborne to take measures to boost growth and jobs when he presents his 2012/13 budget next week, at a time when the economy is struggling to show sustainable recovery.
Remind me again why the GOP wants austerity for the US?  And why, as John notes, they're trying to break the budget deal to have even more cuts this year?

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