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Amazon's Bezos to retrieve Apollo 11 engines from ocean floor

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Not that it's not interesting and sure, it would be fun to see them at the Smithsonian, but I'd rather hear about Bezos doing something about a bigger cause that actually impacts the future. Maybe it's just me but the costly mission to locate and then recover old rocket engines isn't as interesting as the less glamorous mission of educating or immunizing or feeding people or other critical issues of our time. MSNBC:'s billionaire founder, Jeff Bezos, says he's funded a successful effort to locate the mammoth rocket engines that sent the Apollo 11 mission on the first leg of its mission to the moon — and now he's planning to bring them up from the Atlantic Ocean floor.

It's shaping up as the latest high-rolling undersea adventure, alongside film director James Cameron's dive to the deepest spot in the Pacific, British billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Oceanic expedition and the Deepsearch submersible project backed by Google's Eric Schmidt.
Bill Gates still takes flack in some circles but at least he put his money and his brain power into addressing some of the bigger issues of the world and not just stroking his ego like many of the other tech billionaires.

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