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Why is the Washington Post publishing conspiracy nut Glenn Beck as a "religious voice"?

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I mean come on, the guy was too far out there for Fox, and the Washington Post is treating him like he's some mainstream priest on their religion page?  Why is he a guest voice on the religion page at all?  None of the hate group leaders like Tony Perkins available, who the Post likes to normalize every chance they can get?  Or is this about Glenn Beck being a sure-fire chance to rile folks up and get the Post, known to be in hard financial times, some much-needed page views?

Well, don't count on me to link to this kind of trash.

Beck even went so far as to claim that President Obama's having adopted Mitt Romney's policy of making contraceptives available under employer health insurance plans is just like anti-semitism.  Uh huh.  Funny thing for a Mormon to claim - and Glenn Beck proudly proclaims his Mormon faith at the beginning of the article (presumably that's his only bona fide to even be published as a guest voice on a religious page, that he has a faith) - that they're just like persecuted Jews.

As a Mormon, Beck is likely familiar with the face of anti-semitism. The Mormons have been busy harassing Jews for decades, when they're not busy persecuting gays, African-Americans, or women.  The Mormons have been secretly converting dead people of all faiths to Mormonism, often without the knowledge, nor consent, of their immediate non-Mormon relatives.  The Mormons have taken a special fancy to going after the souls of Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust.  Though it's not just Jews.  The Mormons were kind enough to include Hitler and Stalin alongside the Jews each of them loathed, prompting Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel to demand public accountability from America's most famous Mormon, Mitt Romney.  None is forthcoming.

Considering the Mormons' history of trying to use the wheels of government to legislatively jam their faith down the throats of every American, it takes a lot of chutzpah for Glenn Beck to claim that he, as a Mormon, is simply interested in defending freedom of religion.

Since most Catholics agree with President Obama on this issue, rather than their own bishops (or Glenn Beck), just whose freedom are they fighting for?

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