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ThinkProgress: Ari Fleisher was secretly involved in Komen’s anti-Planned Parenthood strategy

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We now have more evidence that Republican and loyal Bushie Nancy Brinker, who also runs Komen for the Cure, is using her "charity" for Movement Conservative purposes.

Judd Legum is reporting exclusively at ThinkProgress that Ari Fleisher was secretly involved in Komen's anti-Planned Parenthood strategy — as early as December of last year if not earlier.

(Why does a "charity" need an "anti-Planned Parenthood" strategy? Maybe because being a "charity" is not its primary function? Nancy Brinker is walking twin paths; decide for yourself which one is primary.)

Legum writes (my emphasis):

According to a source, during at least one interview, Planned Parenthood was a major topic of conversation. Fleischer indicated that he had discussed the Planned Parenthood issue with Komen’s CEO, Nancy Brinker, and that she was at her wits end about how to proceed. Fleischer described himself as a longtime friend of Brinker.
Pause for a second. Why would a charity CEO be "at her wit's end" about suddenly revoking money that another non-profit had regularly been receiving — money clearly being spent for the charity's stated purpose?

No reason at all, unless that CEO were coordinating with a recently-hatched, coordinated Movement Conservative attack on that organization. Clearly this is political behavior.

Back to Legum:
Fleischer confirmed to ThinkProgress that he would receive a fee from Komen when the search is complete. Fleischer did not specify the amount of his fee but said it would be “substantially below the normal placement fee charged by executive search companies” because “they’re a charity I believe in.”

Fleischer’s high-level involvement with Komen further complicates its image as an apolitical cancer charity. Fleischer is a prominent partisan commentator and a longtime critic of Planned Parenthood.
Let's say that again. The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is not an apolitical organization. They are a highly political operation nested inside an apolitical-appearing charity.

High marks for original reporting, Mr. Legum.

The next problem — Komen's been pushed out of the apolitical closet and they are trying to get back in. They want us to unlearn what we know.

Even Nancy Pelosi is trying to help them re-hide themselves.
"It was an unfortunate situation but it was dealt with in a short period of time, [and] I commend the Susan G. Komen foundation for seeing the light on this," Pelosi added. "[It] just goes to show you, when women speak out, women win.
Translation: Time to go home. My question — Do "women win" if Komen for the Cure is allowed to remain intact as currently structured and led?

What will progressives do about this? That's the question, isn't it.

I know what Uncle Straight Talk would do. And knowing him, he wouldn't spend a ton of time discussing it. How about you?


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