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Rupert Murdoch's UK flagship Times of London under police investigation

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It's increasingly clear that the hacking problem runs much deeper than only one of Murdoch's newspapers. There is now even a report of his son deleting files from his computer related to the phone-hacking scandal, which suggests a much broader problem for Rupert Murdoch's News Corp that extends beyond phone-hacking. If the new allegations turn out to be accurate, there needs to be an investigation into Murdoch's US operations due to the links between the news organizations. NY Times:

The hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch’s British newspapers took a new turn on Thursday when a lawmaker said police investigations had spread to the flagship Times of London. The revelation came a day after lawyers said an e-mail referring to “a nightmare scenario” of legal repercussions from widespread phone hacking at the News of the World tabloid was deleted from James Murdoch’s computer less than two weeks before the police opened investigations. Tom Watson, from the opposition Labour Party, who has been a central figure in the inquiries into phone hacking, said in a message on Twitter that Scotland Yard had “confirmed to me they are investigating” The Times “over e-mail hacking.” A spokesman for Scotland Yard, who spoke in return for anonymity under departmental rules, said officers investigating hacking were “in contact with Mr. Watson in relation to specific issues he wishes to raise” after he sent the police a letter on Jan. 23. But the spokesman declined to confirm specifically that The Times was under investigation.

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