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Report: Murdoch's Sun paper paid off public officials in UK

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I wonder how Fox News would report this if it was happening to any other news network. If the charges are true, this is yet another blow to the News Corp organization. Paying off public officials hardly sounds like anything that anyone who supports democracy would want to be involved in, no? Reuters:

Murdoch has been trying to regain the high ground ever since an outcry last summer - over revelations that his journalists had hacked the voicemails of crime victims and their families - forced him to close the profitable News of the World title and abort a planned multibillion-dollar buyout of Britain's biggest satellite broadcaster. "This is not about sources or expenses, this is an investigation into serious suspected criminality over a sustained period," the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "It involves regular cash payments totaling tens of thousands of pounds a year for several years to public officials, some of whom were effectively on retainers to provide information. In totality it involves a six-figure sum."

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