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Marco Rubio’s faith journey from Catholic to Mormon to Catholic to Baptist to Catholic to Baptist to Catholic

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I'm not so sure a lot of Christians are going to be so accepting of Marco Rubio's "faith journey."  It's the new phrase Rubio is using to explain why his life has left a trail of flitting back and forth between multiple religions. First he was Catholic, then Mormon, then Catholic, then Southern Baptist and Catholic, then Catholic, then Baptist, then Catholic again. Oh and he still refuses to totally cut off his ties to the Mormons, who likely still list him as a member as a result.

Let me walk you through that again:

Southern Baptist & Catholic
And still technically Mormon.

I'm a Christian, this is flighty.

And don't forget that a lot of Baptists don't even consider Catholics Christians. Rick Perry's favorite Baptist preacher Robert Jeffress comes to mind. He thinks Satan is behind the Catholic church's existence. Then there was John McCain's buddy, Pastor John Hagee, who famously referred to the Catholic church as "the great whore." You have to wonder how Rubio managed to flit back and forth between these two religions.

Also note the part about how he gave $50,000 to the local Baptist church when he didn't have that much money - some will call it a courageous show of faith.  Yeah, a $50,000 show of faith to a church he then left, then came back to, then left again.

From the Miami Herald:

The family left the Mormon church by the time Rubio was 12, according to Rubio’s office, and he received First Communion in the Catholic Church a year later. After returning to Miami, Rubio was confirmed, and he was married in the church.

But as he got older, Rubio started to attend Christ Fellowship in Miami, a church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Though he had substantial debt, due to mortgages and student loans, Rubio gave about $50,000 to the church over a period of years last decade. He also gave to the Catholic Church, his office said.

In the 2000 Florida House Clerk’s Manual, Rubio described himself as Catholic. Two years later he listed himself as Baptist, then two years after that, he identified himself as Catholic.

“Around 2005 Marco began to return to his Catholic roots,” according to a time line provided by the senator’s office, which added, “He enjoys the sermons and the excellent children’s ministry at Christ Fellowship, and still attends often.”
Marco Rubio: Emphatically flighty.

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