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JPMorgan Chase CEO: Journalists make too much money

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Exactly, Jamie! Every journalist that I have ever seen makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, has been bailed out by US taxpayers, continues to receive easy money courtesy of the Federal Reserve and of course, caused the recession that caused millions of Americans to lose their houses and jobs. It's exactly the same as the newspaper industry. Maybe Dimon wants to talk about the government handouts, also known as quantitative easing? The rest of the industry probably wishes that he would just shut his big mouth and stop winding up Americans who are fed up with the selfish money grabbers of Wall Street like Dimon. Bloomberg:

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon assailed the pay practices of the newspaper industry today as he sought to deflect criticism of bank pay as viewed through the compensation ratio. “Obviously our business, in investment banking in particular, all of our businesses, we have high capital and high human capital,” Dimon said today at a presentation in New York, where the bank is based. “Newspapers -- I went and got this one day just for fun -- 42 percent payout ratio, which I just think is just damned outrageous.”
Just for fun, how about we let scumbags like Dimon lose everything next time they ruin the US economy. Just for laughs, of course. Ha, ha, ha.

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