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Hillary and Summers leading candidates for World Bank opening

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Unless the mission of the World Bank is to trash the economy the way Summers did during his Clinton years and then with Obama, Hillary is the only sensible option. Who honestly thinks a pompous, sexist jerk like Summers deserves another shot at screwing things up? Bloomberg:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers are two leading candidates to succeed World Bank President Robert Zoellick when he leaves at the end of June, according to two people familiar with Obama administration discussions. While Summers has expressed interest in the position and has supporters inside the administration, the position would be Clinton’s if she sought it, according to the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity about the private conversations. Clinton, who said previously she doesn’t plan to remain in her post if President Barack Obama wins a second term, repeatedly has denied having an interest in the World Bank job. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland repeated those denials today.

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