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Gallup: 47% of Americans support Obamacare repeal

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It's easy to see how Obamacare doesn't go far enough, but how could anyone want to go back to the expensive disaster of the past? The Democrats - and Obama's team in particular - did and continue to do a poor job of selling the health care program. Surely people can't honestly like the old model, no? Gallup:

Americans divide evenly when asked if they favor (47%) or oppose (44%) a Republican president's repealing the 2010 healthcare law if elected this November. Republicans overwhelmingly favor repeal (87%) and Democrats overwhelmingly oppose it (77%). However, Republicans hold their views much more intensely than Democrats, with 56% of Republicans strongly favoring repeal and 39% of Democrats strongly opposing it. Thus, a Republican president would have a clear mandate from his own party's supporters to attempt to overturn the law, as all of the Republican candidates have vowed to do if elected. However, such a position may turn off about as many independent voters as it attracts.

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