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AG Schneiderman: Mortgage settlement deal "small" but "significant"

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Greg Sargent interviews AG Schneiderman about the mortgage settlement. It's long, here's a snippet:

Interestingly, Schneiderman vowed that if the task force to probe mortgage practices set up by the president — which he co-chairs — stalls or drags its feet, he would speak out publicly against it. Some critics, such as David Dayen, have expressed skepticism that it would have the resources and leeway it needs to secure real accountability.

“I will speak up if I don’t feel that the rights of American homeowners are being protected and we’re not pursuing the investigation as aggressively as we should,” he said. “If things break down and things don’t work I’m prepared to speak up and take action. But the initial signs are really positive.”

Pressed on conflicting reports about whether the resources would really be there, Schneiderman said that a whole range of government agencies would be part of the probe. Importantly, he insisted this range would ensure a “full juristiction we need over all the different types of misconduct that contributed to the implosion of the economy.”

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