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Will James O’Keefe face election fraud charges?

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Looks like he might.  There is also the question of whether he just violated his three year federal probation. Think Progress:

James O’Keefe’s latest video features surrogates appearing to commit voter fraud in yesterday’s New Hampshire primary election, all in an attempt to highlight voter fraud, a problem which is by-and-large nonexistent in the Granite State. 
The undercover video shows unnamed individuals working at O’Keefe’s behest approaching polling stations throughout New Hampshire. After poll workers asked for the person’s name, O’Keefe’s agents gave the name of a voter who died within the past few weeks, before then receiving a ballot to vote. The individuals asked the poll workers if they needed ID to prove their identity, and when poll workers confirmed that they did not, O’Keefe’s men insisted on returning to their car to retrieve their ID and returned the ballot.
O'Keefe is like a compulsive gambler who remembers hitting the jackpot on their first spin of the wheel and spend the rest of their lives trying to repeat the high. It won't surprise anyone to hear that O'Keefe didn't report that one of his accomplices did get caught in the act.

Election fraud is controlled by giving stiff sentences to people who get caught in the attempt. If people want to brake-test the election security system they should expect to go to jail when they get caught.

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