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Wikipedia to join Reddit and others for anti-SOPA blackout

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SOPA appears to be dead thanks to the heavy opposition, but PIPA is still alive thanks to Democrats like Chuck Schumer. (With friends like that...) Until Congress backs down, the tech industry is voicing it's opposition and some are even planning a blackout this Wednesday, to highlight the issue.

Wikipedia is going black on Wednesday, January 18, to help fight the contentious Protect IP Act (PIPA), which is set to go for a vote before the Senate on January 24. The move, first reported by Neal Mann, digital news editor at Sky News, was confirmed by Jimmy Wales, co-founder of the far-reaching online encyclopedia, on Twitter. Wales says the blackout was a “community decision.” The blackout will only apply to English-language articles on Wikipedia — all 3,847,673 of them. It will run from 12am ET on Wednesday, through 11:59pm, says Wales, who estimates that as many as 100 million people will view the blocked protest pages.
In case you had any doubts about how bad the two bills are, Rupert Murdoch has been slamming Obama and the tech industry for raising questions about the legislation.

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