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Why Romney won't show his tax return

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It is no secret that the GOP is the party of the 1%. But Romney isn't a 1%-er, he is amongst the 1% of the 1%, a 0.01%-er.

Democrats have started hitting Romney hard on this. Romney won't release his tax returns and it isn't hard to see why. The Bush tax cuts coupled with the 'carried interest' loophole allow people like Romney and Warren Buffet to pay a 14% tax rate.

A typical tax rate for the 99% is 35%. To find out how your tax rate compares to the 0.01%-er, go visit the Democrat's tax calculator,

And for those of you who would like us to stop the election 'horse race' coverage and go back to policy, the two biggest reasons that the US is currently facing a deficit crisis are the Bush tax cuts designed to benefit speculative bankers[1] like Romney and the Bush recession caused by speculative bankers like Romney.

[1] The term 'investment banking' really does not seem appropriate to describe what groups like Bain Capital do.

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