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US restores diplomatic ties with Myanmar

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The pace of change between Myanmar and the west has been rapid lately. This past week, Myanmar released a number of political prisoners, which led to this latest move by the US. Nudging the closed government into opening up should be good for the people of Myanmar. LA Times:

The Obama administration formally restored U.S. diplomatic relations with Myanmar on Friday in recognition of the isolated regime’s recent steps toward reform, including the release of political prisoners and a cease-fire with a rebel group. Capping months of cautious steps toward normalization, U.S. officials said they had growing confidence that the Myanmar’s government is serious about political reforms and opening up to the outside world after years of repression. President Obama hailed the pardon and release Friday of 651 prisoners in Myanmar, also known as Burma, calling it "a substantial step forward for political reform." The released group included a number of prominent pro-democracy leaders, some of whom were imprisoned after major protests in 1988.

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