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Tony Blair Inc profits up 40% last year

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Not bad for a recession. He certainly learned a few tricks from his own friend Bill Clinton. They both know how to cash in enormously on their public service while keeping the details murky. Jimmy Carter may not have been the best president but the man has done a lot more for the world than Blair or Clinton since leaving office. He also hasn't had a shameless money grab. Why is cashing in on influence so acceptable these days? The spin-masters can spin it however they like, but this is not much different from the corruption around the world that people like to complain so much about. The big difference is, this is the First World, they're white and considered respectable political elders. While it's easy to imagine Obama doing the same when he leaves office, it won't be surprising if only then it will become a bigger issue. The Guardian:

Unemployment is rising and companies are going to the wall as the economic turmoil continues to inflict damage across the globe. But one organisation is thriving. Records recently filed at Companies House show Tony Blair Inc is going from strength to strength. They reveal that income channelled through a complex network of firms and partnerships controlled by Blair rose more than 40% last year to more than £12m. Of this, almost £10m was paid for "management services". The money was transferred via a network of firms and financial vehicles. Accountancy experts are questioning the arcane nature of the network's finances, which makes it difficult to trace where its money is coming from, or where it is being spent. Accounts for Windrush Ventures, an obscure company that operates under the trading name "the Office of Tony Blair", suggest 2011 has been a successful year for the former prime minister. Windrush saw its turnover rise to just over £12m, up from £8.5m in 2010. Pre-tax profits rose from £729,000 to £1.1m.

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