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Syria's Assad offers amnesty for opposition protesters

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Does anyone really believe that his word is good? Assad has to know that he has a massive challenge ahead with the protests as well as increasing pressure from some of his neighbors and trading partners. Al Jazeera:

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has offered amnesty to anyone accused of alleged crimes in connection with the last 10 months of anti-government unrest and resulting violence. Assad has made similar decrees on three previous occasions in May, June and November. Sunday's announcement was made on the official SANA news agency and broadcast on state television. Since the outbreak of the uprising against Assad's rule in March, Assad has freed 3,952 prisoners, according to SANA. The opposition claims there are thousands more in Syrian prisons and said that 26 people had died on Sunday, including a policeman and soldier killed by security forces for refusing to fire on protesters.

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