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The Stones - Get Off Of My Cloud, Live

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Happy New Year to everyone. We had a roasted turbot last night to celebrate but were in bed well before midnight. I woke at midnight since I heard fireworks or something and people yelling at midnight but that was the extent of the wildness in this household. (The cats split a little tin of mackerel and were thrilled.) Jojo was up again by 7:30AM to get cracking on the final pages of her book on career management. She didn't used to be a morning person but after two years and deadlines, she learned to be one. She's definitely looking forward to finishing the book which I'm sure will be well received in France. Is everyone sorted with their New Years resolutions? I don't tend to do them though I did start planning a couple of months ago that I was going to cycle my backside up the Mont Ventoux in 2012. I did some riding around that area last summer and loved it but was in no way ready for the Ventoux in 2011. It's hard to say if I will be able to get it done on my first attempt but I'll certainly give it a try. The Tour riders tend to finish their day climbing the Ventoux, with it being only the final 21 kilometers of a 180km ride. There's no way I could do that but I also don't dope nor am I 30 years old anymore. I tend to get around 800 kilometers per month in the winter and 1200+ in the summer but I'll need a lot more than just cycling to get it done. I'm slipping in some jogging as well to help get my lungs fully there as well as some general exercises. The hardest part is changing diet to shed a few more pounds. My trip to America where food is cheap didn't do me any favors though I hope to do better on my next visit. For those with their own special 2012 plans, good luck!

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