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Stephen Colbert to enter GOP primary in South Carolina

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And even weirder, my friend Trevor is Colbert's election lawyer.  It's bizarre how the world gets smaller as you get older. More from the NYT via Slate:

Stephen Colbert announced on his show Thursday night that he will campaign for the GOP presidential nomination in South Carolina or, as the New York Times rightfully puts it, "at least pretend to."

The late-night comedian said that he'll form an "exploratory committee for president of the United States of South Carolina." While it's too late for him to make his way onto the GOP ballot in his home state, that won't stop him from waging a write-in campaign that, among other things, will only ramp up his ongoing mockery of election finance laws that allow for the existence of so-called Super PACS.

In order to make the move legal, Colbert announced that he'd hand control of his own Super PAC over to fellow Comedy Central star Jon Stewart. A Super PAC can't officially coordinate with the candidate it's supporting, an ambiguous technicality that the two highlighted with this exchange.

Colbert: "From now on, I will have to talk about my plans on my TV show."

Stewart: "I don't even know when it's on."

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