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Should Obama make Hillary VP and give Biden State?

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Anthony Correia /
It's an interesting proposition, that's now being proposed by the former editor of the New York Times, Biller Keller. Make Hillary VP and give Biden the job of Secretary of State, something he's always coveted.
[T]he arguments in favor are as simple as one-two-three. One: it does more to guarantee Obama’s re-election than anything else the Democrats can do. Two: it improves the chances that, come next January, he will not be a lame duck with a gridlocked Congress but a rejuvenated president with a mandate and a Congress that may be a little less forbidding. Three: it makes Hillary the party’s heir apparent in 2016. If she sits out politics for the next four years, other Democrats (yes, Governor Cuomo, we see your hand up) will fill the void.
Keller's got a point. It's not terribly clear what Biden brings Obama as VP. Yes, Obama may have needed Biden in 08 to shore up his foreign policy credentials, but not any more (with Bin Laden and Qaddafi both dead, and the US out of Iraq, the President can stand on his own credentials now). The only reason to leave Biden on the ticket is to help Biden have a shot a president in 2016, and that's not really what the 2012 election is about. This election is about Obama winning, not Biden, and the best way for him to do that would be to get Hillary on board as VP.  It's not a bad way to re-energize at least part of the base.

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