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Sasha, my Yorkie-Bichon, gets very upset with my comforter

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Sasha is a burrower.  She likes to be under stuff when she sleeps, and even then prefers to have it be some kind of fabric that she can make into a bed, and then dive under it to sleep.  Well, this afternoon she apparently met her match in the form of my comforter.  I had it on the floor, and while I was working in the other room, I hear the tell-tale sounds of Sasha's unhappiness.  She has this thing about vocalizing every emotion, including frustration.  Well, Sasha's frustration vocals were in full on mode.  So I walked into my room, and this is what I saw. (The lighting wasn't great, but I didn't want to let her know I was there.)  Basically she was inside the comforter, trying to dig at it to get it to roll into a ball the way she likes, but because the thing is huge, it wasn't budging.  Thus the angry whines and the jumping of the comforter.

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