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Romney’s lowered expectations

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Back in the day when Al Gore was debating George W. Bush the establishment media told us that W. had won because he exceeded expectations and Gore did not. So W. was pronounced the 'winner' in the debates even despite demonstrating that he was ignorant and incompetent every time he opened his mouth. Now the establishment candidate is dropping like a rock in the polls, the media is rushing to set expectations as low as possible.

Only a week ago we were being told that Romney's inevitable victory in SC would wrap up the nomination and force the other contenders to quit the race. Now that expectation is scrubbed and we are being prepped to understand why a Gingrich win does not really count.

Curiously absent from the commentary is consideration of the reason for Romney's sudden collapse. The Republican primary voters have finally realized that Mr 0.01% is if anything less electable than Gingrich or Santorum.

Take a look at the picture of Bain Capital employees above (h/t Kevin Drum). Romney is the guy in the center with the Gordon Gecko grin. That is the first picture of Romney I have seen where I feel like I am seeing the real Romney.

Some things just can't be spun. It can be argued that like carrion crow, there is a place for vulture capitalists like Romney. But are American voters likely to decide that that place should be the White House?

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