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Roboverkill: Will a glut of robocalls kill Citizens United?

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Jonah Goldberg posts an email from a reader in the NRO Corner blog:

Regarding Romney’s loss, one thing I have not seen mentioned is the robo calls. All this week, the Romney campaign flooded republicans with robo calls. From Monday through Friday we would get literally four to five calls a night. They would come sometimes ten minutes apart. If you did not answer them, they left long messages on your answering machine.
I think it is pretty clear that this is not the only reason Romney lost to Gingrich, but what if it did have an effect of a point or so?

Come November there will be 'independent' groups making robocalls left, right, right, wing nut right and Koch brothers right every hour of the day and night. When people start to get sick of them there will be false flag robocalls pretending to be from the other side.

Robocalling is now dirt cheap and the FTC 'do not call' list doesn't apply. So lots of people are going to be getting very upset. Obama can point to the fact that he condemned the decision in front of the activist judges who decided corporations are people. How will the GOP contender react?

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