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Republicans and Wall Street lobbyists causing delays with Dodd-Frank

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Why do Republican presidential candidates hate America? (It's not even necessary to ask the question about Wall Street because it's so obvious.) What other industry could get away with ignoring the law and failing to comply other than Wall Street? Imagine if you tried ignoring the law yourself and see how long you get away with it. CNBC:

A recent report from the Davis-Polk law firm showed regulators have missed the deadline on 78 percent of the 400 rules and regulations required under Dodd-Frank, including 12 percent, or 25 rules, where the deadline has been missed but the rules have not even been proposed. In response to a CNBC request for comment, a Treasury spokesman said the real uncertainty comes from those seeking to repeal the sweeping financial regulatory reform law. “Current calls to repeal Wall Street reform are a significant cause of the uncertainty that responsible business leaders are seeking to avoid,” the spokesman said. “Once it is fully implemented, Wall Street reform will improve market certainty, strengthen the financial system, help boost the economy, and provide better protections for taxpayers.”

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